10 Best Fertilizer For African Violets Of 2023

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Best Fertilizer For African Violets, keeping them healthy and blooming is important. Furthermore, when it comes to fertilizing African violets, choosing a fertilizer with the right nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) ratio should be one of your priorities.

African violet’s right fertilizer should also have 3-3-3,20-20-20, 14-12-14, and 15-20-15 as the  (N-P-K) fertilizer ratio and be able to feed white, purple, pink, or blue African violets varieties through the growing blooming and flowering seasons.

The best time to fertilize African violets is during active growth, typically in the spring and summer. Also, 11 and 12 are the best African violets growling zone as they are hardy, thirsty, yet hungry plants that produce white, purple, pink, or blue blooms

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Reviews: 10 Best Fertilizer For African Violets Of 2023

1.Best Powder/Granular fertilizer:J R Peters Jacks Classic 12-36-14 Special African Violet 8-Ounce (N-P-K) Powder Fertilizer Complete 5120 Kit ($13.81 -$50).Opens in a new tab.

An 8-Ounce Jacks Classic plant food with 12-36-14 as the  (N-P-K)  fertilizer ratio n from J R Peters was the Best powder/ granular fertilizer alternative to a 14-12-14 fertilizer for African violet on the market for sale under $50.

Best powder/ granular fertilizer alternative to a 14-12-14 fertilizer for African violet
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We preferred this because the low nitrogen content prevents excess or lush vegetative growth at the expense of blooming for flowering in outdoor or indoor African Violet varieties.

Low nitrogen is equally important as it is the most appropriate fertilizer for separating and repotting African violets, babies, or mature or established plants.

In retrospect, having all the  (N-P-K) fertilizer requirements of African violets also uses a 100% slow-release nutrient fertilizer technology hence compatible with African violets growing season under shade or indirect sunlight environment conditions.

Good, first, J R Peters is the kind of fertilizer that African violets need as it is easy to formulate and 100% water-soluble and an organic African violet feed option that is both pet and kids-friendly.

Besides having a well-balanced fertilizer formula, it is also a reliable source of plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which also fasten up green-up and rapid leaf expansion as the most appropriate fertilizer for growing African Violets indoors or outdoors.

  • enhances root development
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Feed roost and leaves
  • Promote blooming
  • Encourages root development
  • Prevents leaves yellowing
  • 8-Ounce
  • 100% powder fertilizer

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2.Best liquid phosphate Fertilizer without Urea :EZ-gro |African Violet Urea Free Fertilizer Complete 16 oz Plant Food Kit$13.97-$100.Opens in a new tab.

A 16 oz Complete Plant Food Kit from EZ-gro, which is 100% Urea Free was not only a Complete but also the best liquid phosphate African violet fertilizer without Urea for sale under $100 on eBay, amazon, home depot, and Walmart.

best liquid phosphate African violet fertilizer without Urea
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Unlike other fertilizer brands in our review, Liquid EZ-gro 16 oz Plant Food is one of the best ways to make an African violet bloom again, as the high phosphorus and potassium present in the 10-30-20  (N-P-K)  fertilizer ration promote blooming and flowering while preventing premature flower fall.

Another reason we found it to be the most appropriate phosphate African violet fertilizer without Urea in our review is because the high phosphate present promotes African violet to bloom again year after year. It also ensures that African Violet flowers will not fall off at an early stage.

You will also love the act that it is also rich in HIGH-QUALITY NUTRIENTS. Due to this reason, EZ-gro was also our preferred foliar fertilizer for African Violet, which can promote lush green and deep green African vegetative foliage growth.

Lastly, you will also love that EZ-gro |is 100% UREA-FREE. As a result, we also found it to be the most propitiate fertilizer that will allow African violets to grow in a terrarium or near water bodies such as lakes, dams, and rivers, which should be Urea-free environments. Moreover, the Urea free natural can cause ammonium toxicity in African Violets.

  • Comes from EZ-gro
  • 100% liquid fertilizer
  • Long shelf life
  • Quality packaging container
  • Easy formulation
  • Soluble in water
  • Weighs
  • urea free

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3.Best Fertilizer For Pots:African Violet 11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer Compete 8oz Plant Food Kit$15.95-$50.Opens in a new tab.

Next up, find that taking the third spot on our review is none of that as it can fertilize or feed potted or inground African violet plants INSTANTLY as it is 100% a concentrated liquid fertilizer worth a try this summer or spring African violet growing season.

Best Fertilizer For African Violet iN pots
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11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer Was also our preferred alternative to homemade fertilizer for the African violets brand that can or is capable of promoting both greening and root growth.

In addition, it also increases overall African violets plant health, boosts growth vigor, and improves and Rebuilds soil structure which in turn makes it a fertilizer brand for Improving African violets plant color, drought tolerance, and vitality.

Moreover, 11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer has a high phosphorus percentage in the total nutrient ingredients. Hence it professionally induces flowering and allows African violets to rebloom again after blooming compared to other homemade fertilizer alternatives such as compost or worm casting.

It is also good to let you know that we used naturally sourced raw material throughout making 11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer, our preferred homemade fertilizer for African violets. As a result, you can use 11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer to feed your African violets when or after they bloom, and it also allows them to bloom all year long indoors.

  • Easy to use
  • 11-40-20 N:P: K Fertilizer
  • Highly soluble in water
  • Long shelf life
  • It comes with a resealable package
  • Readily available
  • 8oz Plant Food Kit
  • Relatively pricy

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4.Best Liquid Blooming Fertilizer :Schultz SPF44900 Plus Liquid African Violet 8-14-9 (N-P-K) Fertilizer Complete 4 Oz Plant Food Kit (Pack Of 2) ‎$12.78-$60.Opens in a new tab.

Next, find a 4 Oz 8-14-9  (N-P-K) land food kit from the Best Liquid Fertilizer For African Violets, as it is formulated to boost blooming and root development for both African violets and their companion plants.

Best Liquid African-Violet Blooming Fertilizer
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In addition, Schultz SPF44900 was our preferred liquid fertilizer with macro and basic micronutrients that have been proven to stimulate the formation of beautiful African Violet flower production.

What kind of fertilizer is not only OMRI listed but also good for African violets? Find an excellent Liquid fertilizer choice for organic gardening or growing African violets in the yard with kids, cats, or dogs. Being Urea free makes it a less toxic fertilizer brand.

Equally important, you can use this regular fertilizer for African violets as it takes a well-balanced fertilizer formula; hence the most appropriate fertilizer option to use when growing African violets from leaf cutting, seedlings, or even seeds as it induces rapid yet strong root development.

Lastly, another reason for our budget option of liquid fertilizer for African violets is that it is readily available and works 100% with an American brand.

Having all the nutrients in a gentle yet balanced fertilizer formula promotes the growth of African violets either sideways, straight up, upward, downwards, or even with African violet varieties that grow outdoors, on a patio, or outside balcony space.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Soluble in water
  • Balanced formula
  • It does not cause root burning
  • Enhances flower production
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Easy formulations
  • 4 Oz
  • 100% liquid fertilizer

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5.Best Natural indoor/outdoor Fertilizer:Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed African violets Bush/Vines/Trees/Shrubs Flowering fertilizer Complete 2-Pack Kit  ‎$11.70-$20.Opens in a new tab.

Are you wondering if you can use Miracle-Gro as a good yet natural fertilizer on African violets? Well, 100% you can fertilize African violet with miracle-Gro. Due to this, find a 2-Pack LiquaFeed complete food kit from Miracle-Gro, our editor’s pick of  fertilizer brand  that works great with indoor, outdoor, shade, or patio direct sunlight African violets plants varieties.

Best Natural Liquid  indoor/outdoor Fertilizer AFRICAN Violet
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Furthermore, the liquid nature LiquaFeed from Miracle-Gro is why it is compatible with fertilizing 3 African violets in 3 different places in your house or outdoor spaces, such as south or west-facing windows while preventing yellowing and premature leaf fall.

Regardless of whether you want to grow 6-inch African violet pots from leaves cutting or from seeds, the high potassium and phosphorus ensure that the roots and leaves of young or fully established are free from pests and diseases such as root rot premature flower fall.

The main reason organic nature and soluble the if the main reason is that you can easily use miracle grow fertilizer on African violets either through irrigation water or as foliar fertilizer without causing leaves, roots, flowers, or stem damage through burning or scorching.

This reason, thus making the Miracle-Gro fertilizer formulation process on African violets 100% easy. Amazingly you can also use this African violet fertilizer from other plants.

Moreover, being soluble in water to form a uniform solution makes it non-staining and easy to formulate either through direct drenching or through irrigation water through horse pipes, watering can, or irrigation systems such as drip.

  • Dual duty fertilizer
  • Long shelf life
  • Compatible with the cast, dogs, kid’s lawns
  • It comes with a resealable container
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Enhance blooming
  • 4 Pounds
  • Liquid fertilizer

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6.Best Natural Fertilizer:Down to Earth 4-3-6 All Natural African violets Acid (N-P-K) Fertilizer complete 5 lb Mix KitOpens in a new tab..

Is your mind going wild with a question such as do African violets like acidic fertilizer? Or do African violets need special fertilizer? Find a special 4-3-6  (N-P-K) acidic fertilizer from the best natural fertilizer for African violets, as it is both special and acidic.

best natural fertilizer for African violets,
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It is also A Natural fertilizer which, other than being to match the nutrient and fertilizer requirements for acid-loving plants and flowers such as African violet. Furthermore, unlike other fertilizers for African violet in our review, Down to Earth is an all-purpose fertilizer that works with plants that need a low pH.

Next up, with a 4-3-6 formula as the fertilizer ratio, Down to Earth can induce and encourage lush growth of flowers, roots, and dark green leaves of different types or varieties of African violetOpens in a new tab..

Moreover, the high phosphorous and potassium are completed by the low nitrogen, thus making it the most appropriate early spring and fall fertilizer for African violets as it prevents leaves or vegetative growth in the expense flower formation. It also allows African violet blooms to appear again during reblooming or after a flowering season.

It also promotes rapid African violet greening or root development in alkaline, basic, or acidic lay sandy or loam soil growing media. It is a highly concentrated powder fertilizer, as ¼ tsp per gallon is the recommended African Violets fertilizer requirement.

  • Promote lush, vegetative growth
  • Comes from Down to Earth
  • Formulation is easy
  • Promote health roots development
  • Easy to formulate
  • Well balanced fertilizer
  • 5-pound box

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7.Best Orchid Fertilizer :SUPERthrive Liquid Concentrate African violets Fertilizing Program complete 4 fl. oz. Vitamin Solution  kit.Opens in a new tab.

Think of using orchid fertilizer for African violets or wondering if you can use orchid fertilizer on or to African violets growing either in alkaline basic or acidic soil conditions? Well, the answer is yes, and we found SUPERthrive LiquidAS what type or kind of orchid fertilizer brand is best for African violets which is compatible with the main growing zones, which are 11 and 12.

type or kind of orchid fertilizer brand is best for African violets
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Other than being the most African violet fertilizer to use of buy when Australia.It is also an organic African violet fertilizer option available on home depot, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Following that up, SUPERthrive Liquid also managed to be what fertilizer African violets growing in pots need. It is not only well balanced by taking up a controlled nutrient release technology that provides nutrients when needed the most.

Following that up was SUPERthrive also the kind of fertilizer that African violets need when growing out of the pot. In addition, the potassium present is readily available in soluble potash form hence responsible for boosting African violet’s resistance to fall or harsh winter temperatures that are additionally extreme.

The high phosphorous present in SUPERthrive  is why we made it our recommended Fall and winter fertilizer to use on African violets, as it promotes blooming and developing strong yet healthy root systems.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Promotes African violets blooming
  • Liquid nature
  • Easy to work with
  • Long residual effect
  • Non-staining
  • Promotes blooming
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Relatively pricy

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8.Jobe’s 04101 10 Spikes African Violet Fertilizer Complete 16 Ounces Kit

Next up, find the 16 Ounces complete 04101 10 Spikes kit from Jobe’s as the best Spikes fertilizer to use on African violet stem broke as it helps in correcting the broken neck due to the presence of nitrogen, phosphorous potassium to neutralize possible African violet stem rot by preventing both under and overfertilization.

best Spikes fertilizer to use on African violet stem broke
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Moreover, fertilizer Spikes from Jobes prevents multiple crowns problems such as transplant shock, root rot, premature flower, and leaves falling either when splitting or repot African violets, which is one of the care and maintenance practices of indoor or outdoor African violet with either blue, pink or white blooms.

The slow release nature of. Jobe’s 04101 10 Spikes fertilizer ensures that how you divide or even replant an African violet seedling is easier and more successful as Jobe’s fertilizer Spikes enhances rapid root development in blue, pink, or white African violet varieties.

Moreover, fertilizer spikes also work great in feeding African violet multiple crowns throughout the blooming season without a second fertilizer formulation schedule.

Moreover, fertilizer spikes Kit from as 100% is a specially formulated fertilizer for African violets. This fertilizer provides the essential nutrients that African violets need to thrive while promoting healthy root growth and vibrant blooms and preventing premature leaf and flower fall.

  • Comes from J R Peters
  • All Purpose Kit
  • readily available
  • Minimizes premature flower fall
  • Improves vegetative growth
  • vibrant blooms
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • 100% an American product
  • Weighs 8-Ounce

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9.Best African Violet Growing Secret:Espoma Organic /All Purpose African Violets Organic Fertilizer Complete KitOpens in a new tab.

Are Epsom salts good for African violets? Espoma 5-3-3 Tone Organic fertilizer Plant food is What has been ad is the secret to growing African violets as it provides essential and non-essential plant nutrients to young or fully established African violets.

Organic fertilizer secret to growing African violets
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In retrospect, Espoma 5-3-3 Tone has an appropriate amount of magnesium and sulfur, vital minerals for African violets to produce healthy foliage and beautiful blooms.

Wondering what’s the best fertilizer for growing African violets from seeds in pots, lawns, backyards, or raised gardens? Well, find Espoma 5-3-3 Tone our preferred option as it lowers African violet’s seed dormancy.

In addition, 5-3-3 organic  (N-P-K) Tone fertilizer from Espoma, other than boosting roots development and neutralizing transplant shock due to potassium present, improves the overall African violets seed germination rate of different African violets varieties.

  • (N-P-K) Tone fertilizer
  • High phosphorus
  • Enhances roots development
  • Decently priced
  • Relatively long shelf life
  • No prone to surface runoff
  • Easy application
  • Relatively pricy

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10.Best long-neck and crooked-neck Fertilizer:Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor African Violet Smart-Release 20-20-20 Fertilizer Complete 8 Lbs. Plant Food Kit.Opens in a new tab.

Taking the last post on our review find as the 8 Lbs. Plant Food Kit from Osmocote is the best fertilizer for repotting long-neck and crooked-neck African violet growing indoors or outdoors.

best fertilizer for repotting long-neck and crooked-neck African violet growing indoors or outdoors
View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

Are you wondering if you can plant 2 African violets together? Well, 100% yes, you grow 2,3 or 4 African violets together. Due to this reason, find Osmocote 8 Lbs. plant feed as the best fertilizer for can you plant 2 African violets together.

Osmocote blue and white African Violet fertilizers are designed to provide the essential nutrients that African violets need to thrive indoors and outdoors. It is a complete 8-pound African Violet fertilizer kit containing minor and major nutrients, a smart-release formula that provides a steady supply of nutrients to the plant over several months.

Unlike other fertilizer brands in our review is 100% easy to formulate as you are required to mix the fertilizer with the soil at the time of planting or to transplant or sprinkle it on the soil surface and gently mix it in. Osmocote plant food will release nutrients over time, feeding your African violets for up to 6 months.

  • Natural fertilizer
  • Water soluble
  • Take anon staining formula
  • Enhances root development
  • Cats and dog friendly
  • It does not deplete the ozone layer
  • American product
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • 8 Lbs.

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African Violets Fertilizer Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should African Violets Be Fertilized?

African violets should be fertilized every 2-4 weeks during the growing season, typically spring and summer. It’s important to use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer with a ratio of around 20-20-20 and to dilute it to half the recommended strength to avoid over-fertilization.

African violets can be fertilized less frequently during the dormant period, typically in fall and winter. It’s always important to monitor the plant’s growth and adjust the fertilizing schedule accordingly.

Are There Any Fertilizers That Should Be Avoided When Growing African Violets?

When growing African Violets, it’s important to avoid fertilizers that are high in nitrogen, as this can cause the plant to produce too much foliage at the expense of flower production.Also, it’s important to avoid fertilizers that have a high salt content, as this can damage the sensitive root system of the African Violet.

Also, avoid chlorine fertilizers, which can be toxic to the plant. Always read the label carefully and choose a fertilizer specifically formulated for African Violets or other houseplants.

Wrap Up

J R Peters Jacks Classic 12-36-14Opens in a new tab.  and Miracle-Gro LiquaFeedOpens in a new tab. were the Best Fertilizer For African Violets as they are both organic and promote blooming, lush green growth, and development of strong roots in either blue, white or pink African violets fertilizer.Best Fertilizer For African Violets

Lastly, By choosing the best or right fertilizer for African violets, you can ensure that your plants will grow healthy and produce vibrant blooms when growing African violets from seed, leaves cutting, or seedling.

So what is your go-to African violets fertilizer on our review above?

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