10 Best Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots Of 2023

The best fertilizer for deer food plots should not burn, prevent yellowing, increase deer food crops yield, and be compatible with deer food plots with wet, alkaline, dry, acidic, clay, rocky, or sandy soil types.

Furthermore, deer food plots fertilizer should have 13 13 13,19 19 19,34 0 0, 17 17 17 10 10 10 as the best N.p.k fertilizer ratio to promote lush, vegetative growth, strong roots development, flowering, and also increase the scent of plants in deer food plots.

The best time to fertilize deer food plots is during the active growing season; ensure you formulate the right kind of fertilizer every four to six weeks for all the plants in your deer food plots or allotment.

Let us Dive into our review!

Reviews:10 Best Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots Of 2023

1.Mossy Oak Biologic Deer Food Plots Granular Maximum Impact Fertilizer Complete Kit

Taking the post, find BioLogic Maximum Impact from Mossy Oak as the best granular fertilizer for deer food plots with lime for sale. Mossy Oak Biologic is designed explicitly for deer food plots fertilizer since it is packed with essential and non-essential nutrients to promote crops’ growth, blooming, and health life cycle

Additionally, the granular fertilizer from Mossy Oak also has a strong smell that may be off-putting to some users, pests, deer predators another non-target animals from dominating your deer food plot.

Furthermore, Mossy Oak is known not only as a Biologic PH Fertilizer but an effective deer food plot fertilizer for attracting deer and other wildlife to the Deer food plot, making it the most popular choice of deer food plot fertilizer among deer hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Biologic fertilizer, besides coming in the granular form, is also easy to formulate as it does not burn leaves, stems, or roots of young or established crops in the deer food plot.

Unlike another fertilizer brand, Biologic PH Fertilizer from Mossy Oak is a granular fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous and potassium which are 100% essential nutrients to deer food plots for roots, and also to improve pest and diseases resistance of crops or plants in a deer food plots healthy plant growth and development.


  • Promote rapid growth
  • Contains lime
  • Improves soil’s pH levels
  • Improves deer plot plants fragrance
  • Attracts and holds deer


  • High cost
  • Requires multiple applications

2.Best Fertilizer For Deer And Wildlife Food Plot Antler King Trophy Clover Plus Fertilizer.

Next, find was the best fertilizer for deer and wildlife food plots as it takes up a slow-release fertilizer with a slow release of nutrients to deer food plot crops like peas over an extended period.

The slow release nutrient of This means that the food plot will continue to receive the necessary nutrients even as the growing season progresses, leading to more consistent and sustained growth.

Furthermore, the right fertilizer is critical when creating a thriving food plot for deer and other wildlifeential. While Trophy Clover Mix from Antler King is an organic fertilizer option, Antler King Fertilizer is an even better option as it is 100% free from toxic hydrocarbons.

Unlike other deer food plots fertilizer brands in this category, Antler King is not only specially formulated but 100% loaded with a blend of minor and significant nutrients with slow-release formula technology. As a result, not only an organic but our recommended slow-release fertilizer for deer food plots.

Antler King Trophy is the only fertilizer for deer food plots used on a budget that contains a special blend of microorganisms that not only improves soil structure but also boost growth of soil microorganism and shorten the maturity period of deer food plot plants.


  • slow release
  • attracts more deer
  • It does not deplete the zone layer
  • organic fertilizer
  • Improves soil health
  • Promotes blooming


3.Best 19 19 19 Fertilizer For Food Plots: QDMA Fertilizer For Deer Food Plot.

QDMA is a fertilizer brand that promotes healthy plant growth and supports the deer population’s growth on your property. Look no further than the QDMA Fertilizer for Deer Food Plots.

High-Quality Ingredients: This fertilizer is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure maximum nutritional value for your deer food plot crops.

Easy to Apply: QDMA 19 19 19 Fertilizer is available in a convenient, easy-to-apply granular form that can be spread evenly over your deer food plot.

Customizable Nutritional Solution: The 19 19 19 QDMA Fertilizer for Deer Food Plots can be customized to meet the specific needs of your food plot, depending on your local soil conditions and climate.

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has developed a specially formulated 19 19 19 fertilizer designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of food plots for deer.

This fertilizer provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients that not only supports the growth of your food plot plants but also attracts and sustains a healthy deer population.

Lastly, 19 19 19 QDMA Fertilizer for Deer Food Plots Supports Soil Health: In addition to promoting plant growth, this fertilizer also helps to support soil health by providing essential nutrients to the soil. This leads to a healthier, more fertile food plot and improved overall plant growth.


  • 19 19 19 Fertilizer
  • Comes from QDMA Fertilizer
  • Improves root development
  • Minimises student growth
  • Decently priced
  • Supports Soil Health


  • 100% Supports Soil Health

4.Best Liquid Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots: Nature’s Guide Deer Food Plots Fish/Seaweed Fertilizer

Like Radish Fertilizer from BioLogic Deer and BioLogic Chicory Fertilizer from Wildlife Institute, Fish/Seaweed Fertilizer from Nature’s Guide is not an exemption as it was found to be the best yet Budget liquid fertilizer for deer food plots that money can buy under $100.

In the first place, Nature’s Guide is soluble in water. As a result, it works with a no till, till and 100% no-plow deer food plots found in sandy, clay, or rocky soils.

This liquid fertilizer is a premium organic solution for deer food plots that provides a complete blend of macronutrients and micronutrients to support healthy plant growth.

The combination of fish and seaweed extracts in the fertilizer offers a unique and balanced source of essential nutrients, including Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are crucial to supporting plant growth and promoting a thriving deer population.

Following that up is also rich in potassium K in the form of soluble potash, improving plants and flower fragrances, thus attracting more deer to your food plot.

Good things first, Nature’s Guide Seaweed Fertilizer For deer food plots is not only organic but also gives quick results. This type of fertilizer is a balanced fertilizer and is an excellent option for food plots where you want to provide a well-rounded source of nutrients to the plants.


  • Attracts more dear
  • Decently priced
  • It does not deplete the content layer
  • No prior mixing
  • Improves roots development
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Kids and pets friendly


  • Liquid fertilizer

5.Best 13 13 13 Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots: Garden Grower Fertilizer (6 Lbs)With Pelletized Lime And Micronutrients Complete Kit( ($27.95 -$100) ($0.29 / Ounce)).

Next up, find 6 Lbs Garden Grower as the best 13 13 13 Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots with Pelletized Lime And Micronutrients for sale under either on home depot, amazon, eBay, or Walmart, craigslist.

Garden Grower Fertilizer Encourages Healthy Plant Growth as it has all three plant nutrients, which provide an equal balance of Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 13-13-13 fertilizer helps to promote healthy plant growth of plants in a deer food plot which, in turn, provides deer with a healthy and nutritious food source, thus attracting more deer to your food plot location.

In addition, it is the only desert food plot fertilizer in our review that is rich in micronutrients. As a result, Garden Grower Fertilizer benefits plants and deer food plot soil health.

We were wondering how much 13 13 13 fertilizer per acre food plot? Well, to get quick, pleasing, and rapid results here at yard policy, we highly recommend a fertilizer application rate of 300 pounds per acre of 13 13 13 Fertilizer on a Deer Food Plot as it will encourage both roots, vegetative growth and also boost flowering of different deer food plot plants and crops.

Could you also wonder if Triple 13 is suitable for deer food plots? Well, Triple 13 from Garden Grower Fertilizer is 100% good for deer food plots as it is rich in all the three major plant nutrients present in the 6LBS 13 13 13 Fertilizer bag from Garden Grower Fertilizer.


  • Readily available
  • Improves roots formation
  • Boost yield palatability
  • Attracts more deer
  • Improves crops aroma
  • Organic fertilizer


  • 13 13 13 Fertilizer
  • Granular product

6.Best All-Purpose 34 0 0 Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots: Water Soluble Hydroponics Monopotassium Phosphate Greenway Biotech 25 Pounds Fertilizer.

Next, find 25 pounds of Monopotassium Phosphate as the Best 34 0 0 Hydroponics Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots, as it is 100% soluble in water. Moreover, it is an all-purpose deer plot fertilizer. It also Stimulates root development in common deer plot plants such as Rye, Corn, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Lespedeza, Chicory, Persimmons, and Apple.

In the first place, 100% nitrogen content is why Greenway Biotech from Monopotassium Phosphate is the only deer food plot fertilizer capable of Increasing protein content in forage.

Additionally, it has 100% of total fertilizer ingridnt as Nitrogen and this esnure that it promotes rapid vegetative growth in spring when growing deer food plot from seed. Moreover, having the npk fertilizer ratio Enhances the color, size, and palatability of forage growing in a deer food plot.

34-0-0 hydroponic fertilizer is a highly concentrated nutrient solution designed explicitly for hydroponic gardening. Monopotassium Phosphate contains 34% nitrogen, 0% phosphorus, and 0% potassium, making it ideal for promoting vegetative growth in plants in a deer food plot

Moreover, Monopotassium Phosphate has a high nitrogen content. This fertilizer is particularly beneficial for fast-growing, leafy green plants, such as lettuce, spinach, and other greens, in an overall deer food plot.


  • Improves growth rate
  • improves soil fertility,
  • Improves soil aeration
  • Boosts roots formation
  • Non-staining fertilizer
  • Organic product
  • Well balanced
  • Prevents yellowing of leaves


  • 25 pounds
  • 100% nitrogen fertilizer

7.Best Fertilizer For No-Plow Deer Food Plots: Whitetail Institute Imperial Fertilizer.

Imperial Fertilizer from Whitetail Institute was our Best Fertilizer For No-Plow deer Food Plots as it is 100% soluble in water and has a relatively long residual effect compared with other deer plot fertilizer brands in this category.

Whitetail Fertilizer, other than being a granular brand, also Increases the drought tolerance ability of newly planted and established plants or crops in the deer food plot. An addition comes with balanced fertilizer formula, which Enhances seed germination of different types of crops in a deer food plot.

Moreover, the granular nature of Institute Imperial fertilizer makes it easy to formulate on a deer food plot with a fertilizer spreader or through irrigation water as it is soluble in water. As a result, it Increases nutrient availability and boosts root growth in newly planted seeds, cutting or seedlings in the deer food plot.

A powerful blend of nutrients and minerals promotes rapid germination, strong root development, and improved plant growth, resulting in a thriving food plot that will provide the nutrients deer need to thrive throughout their growing season or all year round.

Imperial No-Plow Annual is a top-performing fertilizer designed explicitly for no-plow deer food plots as it can improve soil pH balance by ensuring that different types of crops in deer food plot has 100% access to primary and minor plant nutrients in an appropriate amount that will allow them to produce enough forage for deer all year round.


  • Promote the growth of annual forage
  • Organic product
  • Horse friendly
  • Pet-friendly d
  • Promotes growth of soil microorganisms
  • Improves soils aeration
  • Attracts deer
  • Improves crops fragrance
  • Improves plant disease resistance


  • No-Plow fertilizer
  • Granular fertilizer

8.Best 33 0 0 Fertilizer For Food Plots: Mossy Oak Biologic Clover Plus Fertilizer

Next, find BioLogic Clover Plus Fertilizer from Mossy Oak as the Best 33 0 0 fertilizer for deer food plots alternative or option on our review under that money can buy. In the first place, BioLogic Clover Plus Fertilizer takes up 33 0 0 as the npk fertilizer promotes lush green growth.

Following that up, Biologic Clover Plus Fertilizer from Mossy Oak was also found to have the ability to boost both root growth and overall deer food plot plant growth rate. Due to the high nitrogen nutrient present in the Mossy Oak, granular fertilizer increases chlorophyll production, thus attracting many deers to your food plot during spring or summer.

The organic nature of Mossy Oak is another reason why we found it as the only organic yet water-soluble deer food fertilizer capable of Improving soil organic matter content by promoting the growth of soil microorganisms as it is 100% free from inorganic and toxic compounds

Unlike other fertilizer brands in our review, BioLogic Clover Plus Fertilizer not only can fencing improve deer food plot seed germination rate but is an effective fertilizer brand in attracting whitetail deer and turkey to your deer food plot.

Moreover, it has a high nitrogen percentage hence our preferred slow-release fertilizers, which can show a rapid increase in growth, yield, Seed quality, and total biomass of plants growing in the deer food plot.


  • Nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  • Increases plant growth
  • Promotes flowering
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Easy to work with
  • Promotes lush green growth
  • Enhances roots development


  • None

9.Best 17 17 17 Fertilizer For Bushes / Hedges/Flowering Shrub In A Deer Food Plots: Rodgers Fertilizer 17 – 17 – 17 ($51.53-$150).

A (50 lb) bag of granular Fertilizer from Rodgers was our editor for Best 17 17 17 Fertilizer For Deer Food Plots for sale under $100 for sale on either eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or home depot. Growing healthy food plots for deer can be challenging, but with a 17-17-17 fertilizer, a specific blend of nutrients is ideal for growing various crops, including food plots for deer.

In the first place, other than being a granular fertilizer also has the npk fertilizer ratio. As a result, it is the most appropriate fertilizer to use for fertilizer shrubs, hardy bushes, hedges, and flowering shrubs growing in deer food plots.

Are they wondering What you use triple 17 fertilizer on deer food plots? Well, then, the most appropriate kind of fertilizer will improve crops’ disease and pest resistance ability in deer food plots as it has 17% of the total ingredient as phosphorous.

Moreover, unlike its competitors, Rodgers 17 – 17 – 17 Fertilizer has 17% of the total ingredient as Nitrogen. Hence it can promote lush green, healthy growth, and 17% phosphorous for strong and healthy roots.

Lastly, using Rodgers 17-17-17 fertilizer for your deer food plots is straightforward. The first step is to choose an appropriate application rate based on the plot size and the type of soil you have. Then, spread the fertilizer evenly over your plot and till it into the soil. This can be done with a spreader or by hand.

However, for effective results when using Rodgers 17 17 17 fertilizer to feed your deer food plot here at yardpolicy.com, we recommended applying Rodgers fertilizer on deer food plots in the spring, just before planting, or in the fall, after the deer food plot plant or growing season has ended.


  • Promotes flowering
  • Easy formulation
  • Enhances roots development
  • Non-stailing formula
  • Soluble in water
  • Light in weight
  • It comes in a resealable bag


  • Not for sale in states such as AK, AR, AZ
  • It comes in a 50 lb bag

10.Best 12 12 12 Fertilizer For Food Plots: Green Loon 12-12-12 Flower/ Vegetable Complete Fertilizer Kit.

Taking the last spot on our review, find Green Loon as the Best 12 12 12 Fertilizer For deer Food Plots for sale as it is not only easy and safe to use on deer food plots but also works with different types of spoil, either acidic, alkaline, clay sandy.

In the first place, it is a 12-12-12 fertilizer; hence it comes with a 100% balanced fertilizer that contains equal amounts of the three primary macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Due to this reason, it is capable of promoting healthy plant growth, which is especially important in crops or plants growing in deer food plots.

In addition, having deer food plot n.p.k fertilize ensures that the Potassium (K) present in the form of soluble potash helps in regulating water balance in plants, enhances disease resistance, and helps with the development of strong stems and roots in newly planted or established crops in the deer food plot.

Moreover, the 3 Lb granular fertilizer from Green Loon is 100% a slow release fertilizer and only releases nutrients when needed by crops or plants growing on a deer food plot. In retrospect, besides coming in granular form, Green Loon 12-12-12 fertilizer is also 100% soluble in water. Hence both are safe ad easy to work with.

Lastly, slow-release deer food plot fertilizer may take some time to see results, hence delayed by excellent quick results. Green Loon is also our top-rated organic deer food plot fertilizer, as it has a well-balanced fertilizer formula of 12-12-12. It does not burn or cause root rot.


  • Slow release fertilzier
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Eco friendly
  • Pet and kids friendly
  • Improves deer food plot soil structure
  • Organic formula
  • It comes with a resealable container


  • Only 3 Lb
  • 100% granular fertilizer

11.Bonus 10 10 10 Fertilizer For Food Plots: Wildlife Institute Biologic Fertilizer

Taking the third spot on our review, find Wildlife Institute BioLogic as the best organic fertilizer for deer food plots. Are you looking for a fertilizer that not only promotes healthy plant growth but also supports the growth of wildlife on your property? Look no further than the Wildlife Institute Biologic 10-10-10 Fertilizer.

The Wildlife Institute has developed a specially formulated fertilizer designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of food plots. This 10-10-10 fertilizer provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients that not only supports the growth of your food plot plants but also attracts and sustains a healthy wildlife population.

The benefits of using wildlife institute biologic 10-10-10 fertilizer for food plots tailored for food plots: This fertilizer is specifically designed for use on food plots. It provides the right balance of nutrients to support healthy plant growth, attracting and sustaining a healthy wildlife population.

Promotes Healthy Plant Growth: Wildlife Institute Biologic 10-10-10 fertilizer contains the right blend of essential nutrients to promote healthy plant growth and increase the yield of your food plot crops.

Supports Soil Health: In addition to promoting plant growth, this fertilizer also helps support soil health by providing essential nutrients. This leads to a healthier, more fertile food plot and improved overall plant growth.

Encourages a Healthy Wildlife Population: By providing a nutritious food source for wildlife, this fertilizer helps to attract and maintain a healthy wildlife population on your property.


  • Organic fertilizer
  • Promotes root growth
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Boost flowering
  • Prevents yellowing of leaves
  • Attracts deer
  • Improves the fragrance of the plant


  • 10-10-10 fertilizer


A Biologic Maximum Impact Granular Fertilizer from Mossy Oak and  Clover Plus Fertilizer from Antler King Trophy was the best fertilizer for deer food plots on the market that money buys as they are both organic, water-soluble, easy to formulate, and feature an npk fertilizer ration that works great with different types of plants in a deer food plot.

Furthermore, the two deer food plot fertilizer brands above are both organic, water-soluble, and easy to formulate, with a balanced NPK fertilizer ratio that promotes healthy plant growth and attracts a thriving deer population. When it comes to selecting the best fertilizer for your deer food plot, either of these options is a great choice.

So, from all the fertilizer brands on our review, which is you’re *preferred or go-to deer food plots fertilizer pick? Let us know below.

Or did we skip your preferred fertilizer brand that you found or discovered works well when fertilizing deer food plots? Also, let us know in our comment section below


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