10 Best Fertilizer For Wisteria Of 2023

The best fertilizer for Wisteria, wisteria vines, and evergreens wisteria to dwarf Wisteria provides all essential and minor soil supplement nutrient requirements such as dose of Nitrogen, phosphorous in the form of phosphates, and potassium in the form of potash when growing or planting Wisteria in potted/in-ground chalky, loamy or sandy soil types.


Wisteria all-purpose fertilizer should have a balanced nutrient analysis with an n.p.k ratio of either 10-10-10, 15-15-15, or 5-3-5 and 0-20-0 to promote blooming, strong root formation, and healthy shoots development.

However, for best results, every time you apply fertilizer to Wisteria in spring, summer, or early winter, maintain a fertilizer application rate of 2 ounces per square yard of soil.

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Let’s Jump Into Our Review

Reviews:10 Best Fertilizer For Wisteria In 2023 Reviewed

1.Treehelp Premium Fertilizer For Wisteria Complete Kit.Opens in a new tab.

Taking the top spot in our review is, as our editor’s pick, the best amethyst wisteria fertilizer under $100.also, Tree help Premium was our preferred Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer capable of feeding wisteria all year/ season round.

best amethyst wisteria fertilizer under $100
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Good thing. First, it is loaded with significant macronutrients such as Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, hence Best budget Plant Food For Wisteria roots, shoots, and bloom formation.

Despite being a general-purpose fertilizer for different wisteria varieties such as Wisteria Sinensis, Wisteria brachybotrys( silk wisteria), and Wisteria floribunda (Japanese Wisteria), the Tree helps Premium Fertilizer you cannot buy it while in W.A., U.S.A. as per the fertilizer regulation of that state.

It also comes in s 1.5 Kg package, which is appropriate enough to boost Robust Root Development in young, newly planted mature Wisteria Trees.

By being an organic premium fertilizer, Tree help promotes the formation of healthy roots and shots and boosts the overall wisteria tree, bush, shrub, or hedge Long-Term Vitality. As a result, it ensures a disease-free growth and blooming life cycle of young and mature wisteria trees.

  • Slow-Release Fertilizer
  • Comes User Manual
  • Easy Application
  • Weighs 1.5 Kg

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2.Wisteria Bloom Booster Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 Complete Fertilizer.Opens in a new tab.

Taking the second spot, find Triple Super Phosphate, the Best Phosphate Fertilizer For Wisteria, with 0-46-0 as the n.p.k fertilizer ratio. It comes in an air-tight, resalable 5lb pouch and has a long shelf life.Best Phosphate Fertilizer For Wisteria,It was manufactured from quality and PREMIUM INGREDIENTS that were all locally and 100% sourced by Cz Garden, the manufacturer. Due to this reason, Wisteria Bloom Booster fertilizer from Triple Super Phosphate is safe to use around kids, pets, and garden vegetables.

The organic nature of Triple Super Phosphate fertilizer is that it is compatible with mature, newly planted to young wisteria seedling root systems in their nursery beds when propagating Wisteria from cuttings or seeds.

As a result of Triple Super Phosphate, other than wisteria fertility with high purity, phosphorus also boosts the development of a robust root system of potted, indoor, lawn, or even outdoor wisteria tree varieties in your garden vegetables.

Lastly, unlike other wisteria fertilizers with phosphorous, Triple Super Phosphate has both readily available and 100% POWERFUL PHOSPHORUS content. As a result, it plays a vital role in boosting the formation of bigger blooms in Wisteria all year round.

  • re-sealable pouch
  • Readily available Nutrients
  • Eco-friendly fertilizer
  • Promotes roots development
  • Maintains wisteria leaves and blooms color
  • It comes in a 5lb package
  • 100% PHOSPHORUS fertilizer

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3.Nelson NutriStar 17-7-10 All Flowering Indoor/Outdoor Vines/Bougainvillea/Trumpet /Wisteria Honeysuckles / (4 lb) Plant Food Granular Fertilizer.Opens in a new tab.

Taking the third spot on our list, find 17-7-10 All-purpose Nelson NutriStar  as the best flowering Fertilizer For Wisteria Vine and other flowers like wisteria vines such as Bougainvillea Honeysuckles and Trumpet.best flowering Fertilizer For Wisteria Vine and other flowers like wisteria vinesGood thing first it is well-balanced plant fertilizer compatible with  evergreen wisteria flowering vines as it has Nitrogen (17%) to promote lush green vegetative growth of the vines. Also the (17%) of phosphorus in this fertilizer, available in the form of Phosphate, encourages the development of a robust wisteria root system.

Furthermore, Nelson NutriStar was our best 17-7-10 fertilizer for Wisteria with potassium. It has 10% Off the total ingredients as Soluble Potash.

Loaded with four nitrogen sources mother reason why Nelson NutriStar was our preferred Wisteria Vine Fertilizer is that it has 17-7-10 as the overall n.p.k fertilizer ratio, hence rich in all the major and minor nutrients, which include Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

It also encourage bloom production as it has a fair chunk of total ingredients such as Epsom salt and 100% natural Potassium content. In addition, our budget was also to get effective potted and inground wisteria woody vines flowering fertilizer.

  • Wisteria Vine Flowering fertilizer
  • Easy formulation
  • Highly concentrated
  • Water soluble fertilizer
  • Doe not cause phytotoxicity problems
  • No staining formula
  • fertilizer is instantly available
  • Granular wisteria vine fertilizer
  • Only weighs 4 Pounds

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4.FoxFarm FX14057 4 Pounds Happy Frog Steamed Wisteria Bonsai Bone Meal FertilizerOpens in a new tab..

4 Pounds Happy Frog Steamed Bone Meal from FoxFarm was the Best Fertilizer For Wisteria Bonsai in our review. It is both organic and also takes non-toxic fertilizer analysis.Best Fertilizer For Wisteria BonsaiIs bone meal a good fertilizer for wisteria bonsai? Well, that is 100% true as Bone meal is a rich source of which is required by Wisteria in a considerable amount to boost blooming and formation of healthy vines and compact root systems.

Furthermore, by being an organic bone meal fertilizer, FoxFarm also promotes blooming in American Wisteria bonsai, evergreen to wisteria vines tree varieties.

Moreover, by coming up with an organic wisteria fertilizer analysis FoxFarm is also compatible with other farm implements such as herbicides and foliar fertilizers for insects which help in a healthy Dwarf inground to potted Wisteria Bonsai tree life cycle.

Lastly, it comes with a 1000% re-sealable plastic bag that is waterproof, thus improving the overall shelf life or storage facility. Despite only weighing 4 pounds, FoxFarm Wisteria Bonsai Bone Meal Fertilizer has highly available calcium to boost the formation and development of solid stems when growing Wisteria from seeds or cuttings.

  • Easy Formulation
  • Organic formula
  • Boost wisteria blooming
  • Non-staining fertilizer
  • soluble in water
  • The application can be mechanized
  • Weighs 4 Pounds
  • Granular fertilizer

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5.Bonsai Tree Food |8 Ounces Liquid Japanese /Bonsai/EveGreen Wisteria Trees Fertilizer Complete KitOpens in a new tab..

The fifth spot is an 8 Ounces Tree Food from Bonsai as the Best Fertilizer For Japanese Wisteria on the market. It has potassium ingredients informed of potash; other than improving Japanese wisteria nutrient uptake,Best Fertilizer For Japanese Wisteria on the marketIt has 3% available nutrients in the Bonsai Tree Food wisteria n.p.k fertilizer ratio as Phosphate, promoting blooming and developing healthy roots.

ARE YOU wondering if you can revive your STARVING wisteria BONSAI TREE? Consider grabbing a Bonsai tree food 8 ounces kit to take care of all wisteria feeding and nutritional supply desires.

Furthermore, Bonsai Tree Food is loaded with 3% soluble potassium hence responsible for promoting the wisteria tree to grow healthy, free from diseases and pest attacks. It is also simple and easy to use, as no prior mixing or measuring is required.

An addition also did include sea kelp and a decent amount of Humic-fulvic acid as additional wisteria growth nutrients, hence a disease-free wisteria tree life cycle. Lastly, the 3% nitrogen in the Bonsai Liquid Tree fertilizer promotes lush green growth in potted and inground Japanese Wisteria.

  • ideal N-P-K ratio
  • Gentle wisteria fertilizer
  • Promotes blooming
  • Keeps away pests and diseases
  • Promotes vine growth
  • Weed seeds free
  • 100% readily available nutrient content
  • Weighs 8 Ounces
  • Liquid wisteria fertilizer

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6.The Old Farmer’s 1.5 Lbs Wisteria Tree /Shrub 6 Spikes Fertilizer.

Sixth on our list is The Old Farmers as What Kind Of Fertilizer spikes Is Best For potted Wisteria. Besides having a long shelf life also comes with a 1.5 Lbs releasable container for easier transport and storage.Old-Farmers-Almanac as the Fertilizer spikes Is Best For potted WisteriaGood things first by being Fast acting and also boosting a robust nutritional feed supply to wisteria trees, we can confirm that Old Farmer’s fertilizers work with evergreens, woody, dwarf, Chinese to Japanese wisteria vines and shrubs.

Unlike other potted Wisteria fertilizers in our review, Bonsai Liquid Tree Food takes up a gentle wisteria plant food formula, promoting the growth of soil micro-organisms without releasing toxic compounds to the ecosystem, depleting zone layer, or killing pets accidentally.

Furthermore, by measuring approximately 5 Inches, only Wisteria TruSpikes fertilizers are more accessible to formulate manually using a hammer or through technology/ mechanization without breaking, shattering, or crushing.

However, the best time to fertilize wisteria trees, vines, or evergreens using these spikes is once per season, probably in late fall or early spring. It was also our top-rated natural fertilizer for continuous fertilization of Wisteria all year round, as molasses, the natural compound, is the main ingredient.

  • Natural wisteria fertilizer
  • Promoting roots formation
  • Improves wisteria blooms color
  • Organic fertilizer analysis
  • Well balanced
  • Relatively pricy
  • Liquid fertilizer

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7.Miracle-Gro All Purpose Blue Wisteria N.P.K FertilizerOpens in a new tab.

is miracle grow suitable for blue moon wisteria? Or How well does Wisteria grow in pots after using Miracle-Gro as the primary fertilizer? Miracle-Gro will 100% increase blooming, growth-rated speed, and seed germination to better shoot growth and roots, leading to healthy wisteria vines for hedges and property fences for marking boundaries.best Miracle-Gro All Purpose fertilizer for Blue WisteriaMoreover, by coming up with a well-balanced n.p.k fertilizer ratio that is both gentle and organic, Miracle-Gro All Purpose was also our editor’s pick of one of the significant ways you/I can get my/your Wisteria to flower.

Furthermore, the high is another reason that, regardless of where you plant to propagate a wisteria, it does grow best in large pots, indoors or outdoors, to match your landscaping desires and knowledge as high Nitrogen and phosphorus boost lush green and rapid root development respectively.

Lastly, if your potted wisteria vines, hedges, or trees are not flowering, consider formulating to speed up the blooming process

Furthermore, Miracle-Gro as it has approximately 0.0125% Boron. Hence, an All Purpose plant feed for Wisteria from Miracle-Gro functions to minimize deficiency symptoms of boron in wisterias, such as promoting healthy flower and root development.

  • Speeds up Wisteria blooming
  • Comes from Miracle-Gro
  • all plants compatible
  • Package includes instructions
  • No burning effect on wisteria blooms and leaves
  • Promotes roots formation
  • Speed up wisteria seed germination
  • weight 10 Pounds

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8.JR Peters 51324 1.5 lb. Wisteria Tomato Water Soluble Jack’s Classic 12-15-30 Feed Plant Food/General Purpose Fertilizer.

Is tomato feed good for Wisteria? Well, 100% true as tomato feed. Today was the best Powder tomato feed fertilizer for Wisteria on our review as it has the n.p.k fertilizer ratio analysis.best Powder tomato feed fertilizer for WisteriaIt has Nitrogen taking 20% Wisteria General Purpose Fertilizer from JR Peter’s total composition. The available Phosphate and 10% of the entire wisteria tomato feed from JR Peters being Soluble Potash keep wisteria pests and diseases free.

Furthermore, tomato wisteria feed from JR Peters also has 20% and 0.025% of the overall fertilizer formula as Magnesium and Manganese, respectively; as a result, JR Peters tomato feed does not prevent wisteria leaves from yellowing or from turning wisteria leaves view to pale green.

JR Peters, a wisteria fertilizer with high potassium but also has 0.05% Iron, prevents interveinal chlorosis in young, newly planted to mature different types and varieties of Wisteria trees/vines.

Following that, JR Peters wisteria tomato feed comes with approximately 0.0125% of the total fertilizer formula as copper. Due to this reason, JR Peters, which is also an all-purpose yet water-soluble fertilizer, promotes blooming and root development in different wisteria Vine varieties.

  • High potassium fertilizer
  • Easy application
  • Has 0.005% Molybdenum
  • Long shelf life
  • Enhances Wisteria blooming
  • Promotes wisteria leaves green color
  • No prior mixing required
  • Powder wisteria tomato feed
  • Weights 1.5 Liters

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9.Epsoak Epsom Salt 19 Lb. Bulk Bag Wisteria Magnesium Sulfate Usp Fertilizer Complete Kit.Opens in a new tab.

is Epsom salt good for Wisteria? Epsom salt is 100% good for Wisteria as it acts as a natural source of Sulphur and Magnesium in readily available amounts.best wisteria fertilizer with both magnesium and a single SulphurDue to this reason was, Epsoak Epsom Salt the best wisteria fertilizer with both magnesium and a single Sulphur package. Another reason why we found Epsoak Epsom Salt as natural wisteria fertilizer is that it features not only G.M.O. free but also U.S.P. grade Magnesium Sulfate nutrient ingredient.

It is also good to mention that of the Epsom Salt I wisteria fertilizer on the market, Epsoak was among the brands found to be 100% soluble in water. It comes in a quality holding bag that is both re-sealable and 100% waterproof, hence a wisteria Epsom Salt fertilizer brand with a high shelf life

Furthermore, Epsoak is also the only transparent water-soluble wisteria feed; other than being slightly white, it is also non-staining and does not damage working clothes and shoes.

Lastly, other promoting good growth health in wisteria trees and vines also multipurpose products as they have lots of therapeutic qualities; farmers Epsom Salt bath after a tiring day working in a wisteria garden.

  • 100% wisteria Epsom Salt
  • Rich Sulphur and magnesium source
  • Gentle formula on hands
  • Gives rapid results
  • American brand, kids friendly
  • Soluble in water
  • Blends with other farm inputs
  • 19 Pound
  • Unscented Epsom Salt wisteria feed

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10.Ferti-Lome Wisteria Soil Acidifier Plus Iron Fertilizer (17.53-$30 )Kit.Opens in a new tab.

The last spot on our review is none other than soil acidifier plus from ferti-lome as the best fertilizer for Wisteria with iron for sale under $70. it has 0.60%,4.50%, and 0.50% as Copper, Iron, and Zinc food/Feed nutrient ingredients required by wisteria flowering vines, trees, and dwarfs.best fertilizer for Wisteria with iron for sale under $70Due to the Copper present in the Ferti-lome, Iron fertilizer plays a considerable role in rooting Wisteria or even growing Wisteria from seed. It comes with 0.50% of the total ingredient as magnesium, making How to grow Wisteria on the house possible.

Following that, Sulfur was also present with a 3.00% portion of the total ingredients. As a result, the Sulphur present in the fertilizer makes the process of How well Wisteria does grow in pots possible and 100% achievable.

Furthermore, the 0.60% copper nutrients ingredient caters to all wisteria copper nutrient requirement to promote wisteria tree photosynthesis, respiration, and metabolism to improve both growth rate range and disease-resistant ability.

Lastly, the Wisteria Soil Acidifier Plus from Ferti-Lome comes with 4.50% Iron. As a result, Ferti-Lome fertilizer, due to the copper and iron present, promotes the formation of brightly colored wisteria blooms by intensifying the flavor and color of wisteria flowers.

  • Eco-Friendly Fertilizer
  • Resalable wisteria fertilizer Package
  • Beautiful wisteria blooms
  • Intensifying color
  • American brand
  • Vegetable compatible
  • Weighs 2.61 lbs

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Wrap Up

Miracle-gro®, All Purpose Water Soluble FertilizerOpens in a new tab./ Plant feed /Food, Bloom Booster Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 FertilizerOpens in a new tab. from bloom booster and Jack’s Classic 12-15-30 Tomato feed from JR Peters and blood & bone all-purpose plant food were the top-rated best fertilizer for Wisteria on the market that are both

still wondering what kind of fertilizer is best for Wisteria? Well, consider going for fertilizer brands with well-balanced N.P. ratios/analysis to ensure a constant supply of all the appropriate plant food significant nutrients required by different types of Wisteria to show a standard growth curve.

So what is your go-to fertilizer for wisteria vine, Japanese Wisteria, or even Wisteria bonsai in our review above?

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