7 Best Fertilizer Near Lakes Of 2023

Best fertilizer near lakes should be 100% Phosphorus( phosphate ) free and Organic-based so as not only to Preserve Water Quality but also control algal and aquatic blooms, which, other than turning out waters green, also kills aquatic life such as fish by lowering oxygen concentrations/aeration of surface water bodies such lakes, rivers, ponds, dams a bays.

best fertilizer brands to use near lakes Fertilizer brands to use near lakes should have 10-0-2 or 15-0-15 as the n.p.k fertilizer ratio formula as phosphorus which should not be present, is a contaminant to the lake and ponds as it speeds up eutrophication.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer Near Lakes In 2023 Reviewed

1.Milorganite Slow-Release Near Lakes/Pond/River Nitrogen Fertilizer complete Kit($29-$100).Opens in a new tab.

Taking the top-rated spot of best fertilizer brands to use near lakes is none other than a 0.69 Kilograms Slow-Release granular fertilizer brand from Milorganite. It takes slow-release or controlled fertilizer-releasing technology, hence only releasing nutrients to grass growing on soil near lakes when needed.best fertilizer brands to use near lakes Moreover, besides being a granular fertilizer option to use near lakes, it is soluble in water. Hence formulation or application can be done manually or mechanized through sprayers or drip irrigation systems.

It has a well yet balanced n.p.k fertilizer ratio, which promotes strong root development of grass, flowers, trees, and vegetables to shrubs growing near lakes. Conversely, by taking a slow-release nutrient technology, Milorganite fertilizer allows it to feed grass near lakes for 8-10 weeks

Good things first, other than coming under $50, it is a kid, pets, and 100% Eco-friendly type of fertilizer to use on grass growing on lawns near lakes, rivers, or ponds. It is also one of the most recommended natural fertilizers to use near lakes as it comes in granular form.

Lastly, unlike other fertilizer brands used near lakes, pond, or rivers in our review Milorganite Slow-Release fertilizer feature a non-staining iron percentage. As a result, it helps minimize or even completely solve iron deficiency syndromes, such as for grass, vegetables, trees, or flowers growing near lakes.

  • Slow-Release fertilizer
  • Comes from Milorganite
  • 100% complete kit
  • Provided nutrient access for 8-10 weeks
  • It does not burn grassroots and leaves
  • Been around for 95 year
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Relatively expensive

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2.Miracle-Gro 2000422 Plant Food, 1.5-Pound Fertilizer for (Tomato/Vegetables Near Lake/Pond complete kit.Opens in a new tab.

Is miracle gro the kind of fertilizer that is good to use near lakes, ponds, or rivers? Miracle-Gro is 100% the right kind of fertilizer near lakes, as it has a well-balanced n.pk. The fertilizer ratio has no negative effect on fertilizers getting washed into a pond, lake, or river during surface runoff or soil erosion.Best miracle gro the kind of fertilizer for near lakes Miracle-Gro fertilizer used to water crops near lakes, ponds and rivers will not affect water quality as it has low nitrogen and phosphorus runoff rate. A slow-release formula can feed vegetables and tomatoes near lakes and ponds for over 1-2 weeks.

Despite only weighing 1.5 lbs. Miracle-Gro is a water-soluble fertilizer professionally. It Treats, feeds, and covers 600 square feet of vegetables, tomatoes to other fruit-bearing crops, trees, and plants near lakes.

Furthermore, in case you decide to check out the 5 lbs. Miracle-Gro fertilizer the be ready to enjoy overage of approximately 2,000 square feet of vegetable and fruit, orchard, lawn, yard, or land near lakes.

Lastly, by coming agranular fertilizer is therefore soluble in water; hence formulation or application on plants, vegetables, trees, grass to fruit trees near lakes and pond can be made by use of a Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or locally available plastic, steel, or aluminum Watering Cans

  • Tomatoes and vegetables compatible
  • Organic formula
  • Come from Miracle-Gro
  • Non-staining fertilizer
  • It comes with a releasable bag
  • American brand
  • Comes to inform of granules
  • Relatively pricey
  • Slow-release fertilizer

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3.Down to Earth Mix 0-0-22 Langbeinite Near Lakes 5 lb Organic Fertilizer kitOpens in a new tab.

Third spot on our study going to Down To Earth Langbeinite Plant food as the best potassium fertilizer to use near lakes under $20 for sale on the market.It has 0-0-22 as the n.p.k fertilizer ratio; hence, it has low phosphorus and nitrogen, which are the main fertilizer ingredients that promote the growth of unwanted plants in water bodies.best potassium fertilizer to use near lakes under $20 Unlike other fertilizer brands to use near lakes and pond in our review that has inorganic compounds, Down to Earth fertilizer Mix also composes of crystalline mineral which does contain not only naturally mined sulfate but also reliable granular water-soluble fertilizer to use near lakes.

It is also an all-purpose near-lake fertilizer as it is rich in magnesium, potassium, and sulfur; hence it features a neutral pH which does not cause water pollution or death of aquatic life in case of a fertilizer surface runoff after formulation.

Furthermore, it has less than 3.0 percent of the total nutrient ingredient. As a result, it does not burn grass, tree, or vegetable roots or even alters the soil pH and activity near different surface water bodies such as lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Lastly, Down to Earth which is water a soluble and 100% granular fertilizer, corrects weak stems, insect attacks to formation or growth of weak stems to plants, vegetable to trees growing near lakes are symptoms of potassium deficiency in plants near lakes as it offers a rich source of potassium as water-soluble potash.

  • 100% American brand
  • Improves soil structure
  • neutral pH
  • Improves plant disease resistance
  • Concentrated yield flavor
  • Easy formulation
  • Been in the market since 1986
  • Prevents weak roots formation
  • Weighs ‎25 pounds
  • 100% granular fertilizer

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4.Scotts, 29.1 Lbs. Natural Lawn Food/Fertilizer Don’t Leach To Nearby Waters/Lake/River/Pond.Opens in a new tab.

At the seventh spot, find Scotts, 29.1 Lbs, as the fertilizer brand, Which is more likely not to leach into nearby waters such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. It has a relatively long shelf life hence a season, if not year-round liquid fertilizer to use near surface water bodies.best fertilizer brand Which is more likely not to leach into nearby lakes or river Furthermore, other than being organic fertilizer as helps in Builds not only a thick but a 100% green lawn naturally growing around lakes or ponds, as OMRI listed. It is also a multipurpose fertilizer to use near lakes and rivers. It works with different grass varieties that are either low or high feeders and features a gentle fertilizer n.p.k ratio analysis.

Concurrently, by being OMRI listed as the 29.1 lbs natural fertilizer to use near lakes from Scotts, it is also safe to use around pets and kids as it is free from toxic carbon compounds that are toxic to kids or threaten to deplete the ozone layer.

However, despite not only being an organic fertilizer to use near a lake and also an American brand, it also is not available for sale in various states in the united states of America, such as in M.D., CT, FL, ME, WA, MN, NY, and W.I. as it does not pass all municipal rules checklist.

Moreover, by being 100% OMRI listed, Scotts, 29.1 Lbs. is among the few liquid fertilizer brands for lawn grass that will not Will hurt a pond or lake, as all the ingredients are natural and come from who is a trusted manufacturer.

  • 100% OMRI approved
  • kids and pets
  • It does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Works with different grass varieties
  • All season-round fertilizer
  • Easy formulation
  • Improves soil structure
  • Weighs 29.1 Pounds
  • 100% liquid near lake fertilizer brand

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5.Espoma Bio-tone 15-0-5 Natural/ Organics 20 lbs All Seasons Slow Release Nitrogen/ Iron Near Lake/river/pond Fertilizer.Opens in a new tab.

Next up, please find  Bio-tone as the best Espoma plant feed to use near lakes, rivers, or ponds as it is the only fertilizer brand on our review manufactured from Pasteurized Poultry Manure, Feather Meal, and Gypsum; hence an organic option worth giving a try.best Espoma plant feed fertilizer to use near lakes Following that up, Espoma also features 8-0-0 as the n.p.k fertilizer ratio formulation. Because of this reason no phosphorus will drain into lakes and rivers. With % phosphorus content, Espoma also prevents damage to a quality of life by growing to unwater vegetation on the water surface.

Also, from coming with 8-0-0, the n.p.k fertilizer ratio, to be kids, pets, and Environmentally friendly, Espoma Bio-tone was our editor picked the best slow-release fertilizer brand to use near lakes and rivers.

It is also highly concentrated as other than coming in 30 Pounds package, Espoma Bio-tone can Feed up to 5,000 sq ft of an area of approximately lawn or grass growing near a lake or other surface water bodies.

Conversely, Purely Organic, besides meeting all Municipality and town Regulations for fertilizer use near lakes, tend to Restrict brand with Phosphate nutrient. Lastly, it also takes up a non-staining formula; hence Espoma Bio-tone was our preferred budget fertilizer for near lakes and water ponds.

  • Non-Staining
  • Kids friendly fertilizer
  • Covers approximately 5,000 sq ft of areas near lakes
  • Phosphorus free fertilizer
  • Easy formulation
  • Soluble in water
  • Item weight 30 Pounds
  • It has 0% phosphorus

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6.10-0-2 Purely Organic 100 LB Products Lawn Food Near Lake Fertilizer kitOpens in a new tab.

Next up, find Purely Organic best organic  Lawn Food/fertilizer to use near lakes as it has10-0-2 as the overall n.p.k fertilizer ratio. First, it has a 10-0-2 n.p.k ratio for fertilizer near lakes as it has no Added Phosphorus in the general fertilizer analysis formula.best  organic  Lawn Food/fertilizer to use near lakes Furthermore, Purely Organic has 0% phosphorus nutrients ingredient. As a result, it controls excessive and uncontrolled vegetation in water bodies after a surface runoff. It is also an eco-friendly fertilizer to use near lakes, as it prevents the loss of aquatic life through eutrophication

Purely Organic also by having a relatively amount of nitrogen as the major fertilizer ingredient, it promotes Lush Green, strong roots and healthy shoots of Turf Grass growing near lakes without causing a scorching effect on leaves or newly formed Lawn grassroots after seed germination.

Furthermore, by being an organic fertilizer to use on pasture or lawns near lakes, Purely Organic is not only Convenient fertilizer with no Re-Entry restriction Time After Application but also a Family, edible vegetables, fruits, Pet but also an eco-friendly organic fertilizer brand use near lakes.

Despite coming in a 100 LB package, Purely Organic can cover an area of approximately Covers 25,000 Square Feet of lawn near lakes and has high Nitrogen (N) content to boost the green grass growth cycle.

  • Organic near lake fertilizer
  • Plant-Based Formula
  • Covers approximately 25,000 Square Feet
  • Convenient
  • No Smelly Biosolids
  • All Season Long near lake fertilizer
  • Granular near lakes fertilizer
  • Overall weight is 100 Pounds

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7.Liquinox 7128 Near Lakes 1-Gallon Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 complete Fertilizer Kit.Opens in a new tab.

Taking the last spot on our review, find a 1-Gallon Fish Emulsion from Liquinox as the best liquid fertilizer to use near lakes, as all the ingredients are 100% organic and naturally outsourced by the manufacturer.best liquid fertilizer to use near lakes Liquinox, a 5-1-1 fertilizer, also have a low supply of phosphorus and potassium ingredient, which are the main threat to lakes and water bodies. As a result, it helps to minimize fertilizer runoff and excessive vegetation growth.

Following that up, it also has Iron, Zinc, and Manganese as other active ingredients, supporting good root development in flowers, lawns, trees, and shrubs growing near water bodies such as lakes and rivers.

Following that up, this Fish emulsion from Liquinox has 5-1-1 as the overall n.p.k fish fertilizer ratio hence a general-purpose direct soil or foliar fertilizer for use near lakes and other surface water sources.

Despite coming in a 1-gallon package is also not only nonburning but a Safe fertilizer for use on shrubs, vegetables, flowers, lawns, and trees growing near lakes, ponds, and rivers.

  • Low phosphorous content
  • Organic formula
  • 1-gallon
  • Prevents eutrophication
  • It does not deplete the ozone layer
  • P.K fertilizer ratio grade
  • Items weight is only 15.6 Ounces
  • Has some percentage of phosphorous

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Wrap Up

Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen FertilizerOpens in a new tab. and 10-0-2 Products Lawn Food/fertilizer from Purely OrganicOpens in a new tab. were the best fertilizer near lakes as they both have low phosphorus content and slow-release nitrogen.

Moreover, the best time to apply fertilizer near lakes is either May, early July or September, followed by second fertilizer near lakes formulation schedule in late October through early November.

So what is your go-to fertilizer brand to use on plants, grass, lawns, or vegetables growing near lakes in our review above?

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