7 Best Rooting Hormone For Rhododendron In 2022

The best rooting hormone for rhododendron should have the ability to promote rapid and healthy root growth during rhododendron propagation.Best Rooting Hormone For Rhododendron

One of the better-rooting hormones for rhododendron is a liquid root stimulant. Moreover, it should have low toxicity, be pet friendly, and be easy to use.

In this article, we will be talking about liquid, gel, and powder rooting hormones for propagating rhododendron. Let’s jump to our review.

Reviews: 7 Best Rooting Hormone For Rhododendron In 2022

1.Miracle-gro FastRoot1 rhododendrons Dry seed/Cutting propagating Powder Rooting Hormone Review.

On top of our study, Miracle-gro is our best rooting hormone for propagating rhododendrons from either Dry seed/Cutting of vegetative plant parts. Of all the products on our list, this rooting powder’s rhododendrons were the most effective, as it is highly concentrated.best rooting hormone for propagating rhododendrons from either Dry seed/Cutting of vegetative plant parts In addition, the high NPK ingredient that was integrated is the reason why Miracle-gro FastRoot1 works effectively with softwood and greenwood rhododendrons cuttings from varieties such as rhododendrons.

Moreover, using this product is  100% easy as after taking 4-to 6-inch rhododendrons to stem cuttings, you are only required to dip the Cutting evenly in rooting hormone.

However, for quick and uniform rooting results in all the rhododendrons cutting, you are rehired to plant the Cutting into a moist rhododendron growing media immediately. What is more interesting is that this product is compatible with propagating rhododendron cutting in a nursery.

  • Works effectively
  • Rainproof
  • Powerful rooting hormone
  • Organic product
  • Weatherproof
  • Reasonable shelf life
  • It should be kept away from kids

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2. Hormex pjm Rhododendron Blue Peter Propagation Rooting Hormone Powder #8 Review

Taking the second spot on our review, found as the best rooting hormone for pjm and Blue Peter rhododendron cutting propagation either in water or in soiless growth media.best rooting hormone for pjm and Blue Peter rhododendron cutting What is even more interesting is that even when growing Blue Peter and pjm rhododendron from cuttings as the high NPK ration formulation of this Rooting Hormone Powder #8  enhances the development of healthy and robust Rhododendron new roots system.

Unlike other rooting hormone brands on our list, this brand comes with an easy-to-use formula that does not require skilled labour. It is also a dual-duty product other than acting as a reliable rooting hormone. It also plays a considerable role in minimizing overall transplant shock.

Another advantage is that Hormex rooting hormone comes in a quality plastic container, making it easy to use and store. Moreover, it was also the only natural rooting hormone for pjm and Blue Peter Rhododendron during Propagation.

  • Organic product
  • Light in weight
  • Enhances root health
  • Sticky nature
  • Moderate residual effect
  • Gives rapid results
  • Decently concentrated
  • Relatively pricy

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3. Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome 10640 Rhododendron Hardwood Cuttings Root Stimulator /Rooting Hormone Review

Taking the third position on our review, find which our editors picked as the best overall rhododendron simsii shrubs/bush rooting hormone on the market, which is compatible with either annuals or perennials rhododendron air layering embedding varieties technology.best overall rhododendron simsii shrubs/bush rooting hormone on the market Following that up, the lightweight nature makes it not only easy to store but also transport. Moreover, it comes with a quality wrapping bag which significantly modifies the overall rooting hormone. Moving on, it can stimulate early rhododendron simsii root formation, which is more robust than 100% healthy by root development.

Shockingly, unlike its predecessors also works with rooting annuals and perennials to stimulate early root formation and more robust root development.

Following that up, the high antifungal properties are why it keeps the roost of newly formed safe from root rot and pest infestation. In addition, it has relatively high antifungal characteristics, which ensure that young Rhododendron roots, after development, are free from both fungal and pest infestation.

  • Works easily
  • Lightweight
  • Organic product
  • Easy to formulate
  • It does not have any burning effect
  • None

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4. Bonide BND925 – Bontone II Rhododendron Boule de Neige Rooting Powder, Hormone Root Fertilizer 1.25 Oz Review

Taking our fourth position, Bondone II from Bonide BND925 is our best powder rooting for Rhododendron Boule de Neige. Generally speaking, the organic nature of this product allows it to be compatible with growing a yard or lawn with kids and pets, such as dogs, snakes, and pigs.best powder rooting for Rhododendron Boule de Neige Unlike other products in our review, this comes with a 1.25 Oz holding package, which is relatively large compared to manufacturers and Voluntary Purchasing Group and Hormex, Rhododendron Boule de Neige rooting hormone brands on the market offer.

Moreover, Bontone II is a reliable product as it has a considerably high shelf life compared to its predecessors and other Rhododendron Boule de Neige powder rooting hormones in our review.

Another fantastic thing is that this beast, rather than rooting Rhododendron Boule de Neige, works effectively when propagating many other plants such as fruits and vegetables.

  • Easy to work with
  • Cleans easily
  • Dual duty product as it plays fertilizer roles
  • works on bulbs
  • Affordable
  • Moderate shelf life
  • None

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5.RootBoost 100538120  broken Rhododendron Bow Bells branch Rooting Hormone Powder, 2 oz, Greenax Review

Instead, a much better option is to dispose of a broken Rhododendron Bow Bells branch after a tornado or a strong wind rooting the branch.best rooting hormone for the broken Rhododendron Bow Bells branch Due to this reason, we found a 2 oz Greenax from RootBoost as our editors pick the best rooting hormone for the broken Rhododendron Bow Bells branch.

What is that this product when compared to other products on our review Rooting hormone RootBoost 2 oz Greenax also enhances faster root development when propagation Rhododendron Bow Bells from broken branches cuttings?

Even more impressive is that the high nitrogen present plays a considerable role in Transforming Rhododendron cuttings into robust and 100% healthy young root systems after propagation.

Following that up, this Greenax from RootBoost is highly concentrated. Due to this reason, you can use this rooting hormone on hundreds of Rhododendron Elviira cuttings.

Moreover, the highly concentrated nature of this rooting hormone nutrient si that it also works effectively with water propagation of Bow Bells cuttings during the propagation process.

  • Pet and kids friendly
  • Concentrated
  • Rooting hormone for nursery
  • Light in weight
  • Clean formula
  • Highly affordable
  • None

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6. Rhododendron Vireya And rhododendron  Indicum Bush In Winter/Spring Rooting Hormone Review

At our second last position, find was the best rooting hormone for rhododendron propagation in water. Besides the prolonged shelf life, this rooting hormone makes it one of the most outstanding root stimulators when propagating different varieties, shrubs, and bushes of vireya and Indicum rhododendron cuttings during the propagtion.Best rooting hormone for rhododendron propagation in watergation spring season. In addition, it is a dual-duty product as it has a high percentage of NPK fertilizer ratio, making rhododendron propagation easy and enjoyable.

Another advantage of these beasts is that reducing rhododendron simsii by cutting transplant shock after rooting keeps pests and diseases away.

Due to this reason, this product plays a considerable role in promoting the overall Rhododendron Boule de Neige growth rate. This product is more striking because it is compatible with rhododendrons’ foliage, hardy, tropical to ornamental rhododendrons’ varieties.


  • Affordable
  • plant-based formula
  • Highly effective
  • Organic formula
  • Compatible with yards with kids and pets
  • Weighs

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7. Noot Organic Indoor Rhododendron Elviira Rooting Hormone Plant Soilless Potting Mix Coconut Coir Perlite Pre-Hydrated Root Stimulant Mycorirhzae Review

Taking the lead on our review, find a dehydrated root stimulant from Noot organic indoor, one of the most trusted and overall Best rooting for Rhododendron Elviira rooting hormone manufacturing companies in the united states and the world and large.

One of the significant benefits of this product is that it enhances root rot-resistant ability. In addition, Noot Organic Indoor plays a vital role in positively modifying the bounce-back quicker mechanism.

In addition, it features a high amount of NPK fertilizer ratio as the nitrogen together with a high phosphorus ingredients present play a vital role in ensuring the formation of a healthy Rhododendron Elviira young root system.

what is even more interesting is that the natural rooting hormone is compatible with Rhododendron Elviira propagation either through air layering or rooting cuttings from broken branches or from resulting branches after grafting Rhododendron Elvira.

The sticky nature of this beast is why Noot Organic Indoor enhances increased newly formed Rhododendron Elviira young roots; thus, it is also resistant to temperature swings, so indoor plants stay happy.

To sum up, all Noot Organic products are well known for their safety and efficiency, making this rooting hormone, not an exemption. Besides this, Noot Organic is compatible with both indoor and outdoor rhododendron plant varieties.

  • Easy to use
  • Promotes healthier roots
  • Military-grade container
  • Long shelf life
  • All grow mediums
  • It comes from a reliable manufacturer
  • Not easy to use

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Wrap Up

Noot Organic IndoorOpens in a new tab., a Plant Soilless Potting Mix, and Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder #8Opens in a new tab. were the two best rooting hormones for rhododendron propagation from seed, cuttings in spring in water, or even broken branches that money can buy from the market.

In addition, these two beast works effectively with a wide range of complex and softwood rhododendron cutting varieties.

Let us know in our comment section which is your go-to or favourite brand of rhododendron on tooting hormone that can make it to your shed plant propagations section kit and tools section.

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