7 Best Rooting Hormone For Shrubs In 2023

The best rooting hormone for shrubs has IBA or NAA to promote, enhance and even boost root growth in shrubs cuttings.

Moreover, shrub rooting hormone should also be compatible with evergreen, deciduous, common, ornamental, commercial, conifer, flowering, and banana shrub propagation techniques.

Shrub rooting hormone also comes in different types, such as liquid, powder, and gel have in mind that all equally effective when used correctly.

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In A Shopping Hurry? Below Find A Shrub Rooting Hormone Comparison Table.[table id=3 /]

Let’s Dive Into Our review below!!

Reviews: 7 Best Rooting Hormone For Shrubs In 2023

1. Hormex Evergreen Shrubs IBA Rooting Hormone Powder Review

At the top of our study, find Hormex IBA Powder as the best rooting hormone for evergreen shrubs. It is loaded with powerful plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to enhance vegetative growth immediately after root development.best rooting hormone for evergreen shrubs Furthermore, IBA active ingredient present in Hormex Powder  Evergreen Shrubs that come with broadleaf is compatible with rooting cutting.

Due to this reason, Hormex is the most effective evergreen asexual propagation and vegetative propagation  IBA  Powder  Rooting Hormone of all Evergreen Shrubs varieties.

Secondly, it comes from Hormex, a rooting powder manufacturing company that has been on the plant propagation game of the year. Another important thing is that Hormex Evergreen IBA Hormone Powder is compatible with small and large shrubs propagation through rooting cutting.

Due to this reason, you not only get quick results when rooting your shrubs with  Hormex rooting powder but also get an opportunity to enjoy a guarantee to get back    100% of your money according to their warranty.

  • Organic product
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fast-acting product
  • American brand
  • All grow mediums are compatible
  • Compatible with edible cutting
  • None

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2. Clonex Deciduous Shrubs Gel Rooting Hormone Review

Are you wondering if there are rooting hormones that work with shrub propagation through cuttings? Then, find our top-rated  Deciduous shrub’s liquid rooting hormones that you can trust.

You will agree with me that at one time in their lives, deciduous will shed their leaves at the end of their season to pave the way for new growth.

Hence, It comes with  0.31%   of the total ingredient as Indolebutyric Acid. Because of these reasons, Clonex Gel is compatible with indoor and outdoor propagation of shrubs cutting.

The antifungal properties of this hormone play a considerable role in promoting the development of healthy roots.

Due to this reason, it is a dual-duty rooting hormone as other that boosts new root growth. Another advantage is that the homogenised nature improves shrubs cutting sagging immunity, which acts like a more robust root guarantee and faces no transplant shock.

It also minimises transplant shock of deciduous shrubs cutting. Due to this reason, it works effectively with  Low and high-end maintenance shrubs propagation techniques for the front of the house.

  • High shelf life
  • Good performer
  • Hardwood and softwood are compatible
  • Serves more cuttings
  • extended coverage/tree/seeds/leaves
  • nontoxic
  • None

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3. Treesy 5.07 Fl. Oz. (150ml) Common Ornamental And Commercial Shrubs Rooting Gel Review

Next up, find a 5.07 Fl. Oz. (150ml)  product from Trees is the most American-made appropriate root simulator/tooting gel for common ornamental and shrubs to consider when on a tight budget.

Moreover, this gel features a professional; rooting formula which guarantees you to expect new rooting on commercial and ornamental shrubs in 1-2 weeks.

Another thing is that you should expect rapid root development with minimal disturbance as it is not only rich in anti-bacterial but also quality antifungal properties.

Even more impressive is that previous typical ornamental and commercial shrub lovers have left overwhelming positive feedback about this rooting hormone.

Ornamental and commercial are have deep roots to withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions through their growth cycle. With this in mind,  Hormex went out of its way to improve this hormone’s entire shelf life to be compatible with ornamental and commercial rooting by packing it in a quality plastic bottle.

Moreover, when propagating ornamental shrubs with this, expect no root rot in cutting. It is a slow good to mention that the containers make it 100%  an outstanding from its competitors.

  • Expect new roots in 1-2 weeks
  • Natural product
  • Affordable
  • Solve stunted root growth puzzle
  • Hassle-free
  • Outdoor and indoor plant compatible
  • Weighs

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4. Clonex Clone Conifer Shrubs 1 Gallon Liquid Rooting Hormone Solution Review

Following that up, Clonex Clone did take not only our fourth spot but also was our best rooting hormone for conifer shrubs on the market today. It comes with an outstanding wrapping container that professionally modifies this product’s overall shelf life.

Of all the products we have in our review, clonex was not only the Most convenient but 100% effective liquid conifer shrub rooting compound for sale. It is easier to use indoor and outdoor shrub rooting hormone as no prior mixing or measuring is required.

This product is  100%  easy as you are only required to Dip conifer shrub cuttings into the  Clonex Clone rooting powder. Consider tapping off all the extra powder on the conifer shrub and planting it immediately.

Furthermore, the organic nature makes it an eco-friendly way of naturally promoting Conifer Shrubs root growth. In addition, it is also highly concentrated as One lb. of   Clonex Clone jug has the capability of supporting up to  35,000 cuttings rooting capacity.

What is more outstanding about clonex liquid rooting hormone is that it is compatible with semi-woody and woody conifer shrubs cuttings.

  • Conifer shrubs rooting hormone
  • seeding or transplanting compatible
  • No synthetic compound
  • Effective results
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-staining formula
  • Not strong enough

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5. Olivia’s, 1-Gallon Flowering Shrubs Cloning/Rooting Hormone Solution Review

Find 1-Gallon Flowering Shrubs cloning/Rooting Hormone Solution from Olivia’s as our preferred rooting hormone for all the flowering shrub varieties, either for fences or for neighbours’ privacy.

It is one of the few remaining flowering shrubs rooting hormones that can minimise cutting transplant shock to zero-rating.

With an organic formula, Olivia’s 1-Gallon Flowering Shrubs liquid rooting hormone is also compatible with a wide range of edible shrubs in your garden, allotment, yard or front porch.

Regardless of whether you are a landscaper, homeowner, or a new flowering shrub enthusiast adding Olivia’s Solution to your garden input collection will help you get more clones from cuttings through rooting.

Another importance of implementing Olivia’s rooting solution into your flowering shrubs growing hobby is that it speeds up the flowering shrubs rooting process and is 100% a reliable organic gardening shrub rooting hormone product.

  • improves roots structural growth
  • eliminate transplant shock
  • 100% Safe
  • Promotes cuttings health
  • easy to use
  • unlimited plant nutrient source
  • Relatively pricy

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5. Rapidstart Banana Shrub Root Enhancer 1oz Bottle By General Hydroponics

Taking the second last position on our review is none other than RapidStart General Hydroponics Root Enhancer /stimulator as the best Banana Shrub rooting hormone for both hobbyists and professionals.

A moment of silence as this  RapidStart liquid rooting hormone beast from General Hydroponics is highly concentrated. Due to this reason, a small amount of this RapidStart Root Enhancer 1oz Bottle can help you propagate cuttings of a large size banana shrub plantation.

Moreover, as a bonus from the manufacturer, RapidStart Root Enhancer/ stimulator, other than being easy to formulate, also plathe ys a vital role in eliminating all the Cross-contamination that causes a delay in banana cuttings to root known as stunted root growth.

In addition, the lightweight nature of this product allows it to be 100% portable and easy to store as it takes up less space in your garden shed inputs’ space. Propagating banana shrubs through rooting cuttings is not an easy task due to the threat of bacterial and fungal infections.

However, with  the  superior nutrient formula used  by  Rapid Start, expect not only healthy but  also prolific Banana Shrub cutting root growth

  • Easy to apply
  • First acting power
  • Improves cutting health
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimises stunted root growth
  • Results of solid and healthy roots
  • keep off kids and pets

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7. Doff Euonymus Shrubs Natural Rooting Powder Review

Propagating euonymus shrubs, which also happen to be the most beautiful shrubs in California, require you to have a powerful rooting hormone, Doff Powder. Our editors pick either the soft or hardwood varieties of different euonymus shrubs.

Besides being a euonymus shrub powder rooting hormone, Doff features a 100% Proven and reliable rooting auxins formula that is compatible with shrubs all season round during winter or summer as some shrubs are beautiful during winter well as summer.

It is also unique from other candidates on our euonymus shrubs’ Natural rooting hormone review. It initiates and boosts new root development in different varieties of the most beautiful shrubs in various states across America, such as California and Florida.

Armed with a solid antifungal properties, Doff is one of a kind rooting powder that enhances the growth of solid and healthy euonymus shrubs roots all year round. Get your package here.

Although Doff Powder is not a homemade rooting hormone substitute, it has 0% inorganic compounds( CFC). Due to this reason, Doff Powder is a perfect alternative to all the homemade euonymus shrubs rooting hormones on our list and market in general.

  • 100% no CFCs
  • Resealable holding container
  • Long shelf life
  • 100% Non-staining formula
  • High residual effect
  • Inhabits fungal infections
  • Slightly expensive

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Editors  Take

A 100 ml  Clonex Rooting Gel from HydroDynamics and a 0.75 ounces Powder Rooting Hormone from Hormex were the top-rated best rooting hormone brands for shrubs on our list and the market in general.

The two brands are also kids, Eco-friendly and pest safe all shrub varieties rooting hormones as they feature an organic formula.

Other than improving cutting health, both HydroDynamics Clonex and Hormex 0.75 ounces Powder were also the unique and most accurate rooting hormone brands compatible with HARD TO MODERATELY HARD shrub varieties.

Lastly, the two brands were also found to give outstanding rooting results after going through a series of monitored studies using cutting from different types of shrub varieties such as; Evergreen Shrubs, euonymus shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Banana shrubs, not forgetting the most attractive options such as Ornamental and  Deciduous shrubs that are California natives just to name a few.

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