7 Best Rooting Hormone Substitute Of 2023

Getting the best rooting hormone substitute or alternative today is a hard task as many products and technology have flooded the market.

Rooting hormones are the backbone of any serious plant cloning or propagating enthusiast in this modern-day age as they initiate, moderate and also speed up cuttings root formation during plant propagation.

However, in our guide today, we will review top rated rooting hormone substitutes that are effective and 100% just as accurate as individual rooting hormones. Let’s dive in!!

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in a shopping hurry? well, below find a round-up what to use if you dont have rooting hormone[table id=1 /]

Reviews: 7 Best Rooting Hormone Substitute In 2023 Reviewed

1.Aspirin As A Rooting Hormone Substitute/Alternative

Aspirin, which has been and still is being used for decades, has found its way into our day-to-day gardening as the Best Rooting Hormone Substitute/alternative though not an organic option, of course, when used correctly.

As a rooting hormone alternative, Aspirin in gardening plays a vital role in developing strength and disease-free root systems in different plants.

Aspirin has made it to our top-rated spot of rooting hormone substitute as it is compatible with both cutting and seeds rooting gardening techniques.

To get effective results when using Aspirin as a  rotting hormone substitute, ensure you maintain an application rate of approximately (325 mg) to (1 gal.)  of warm water. The primary role of warm water is to ensure that Aspirin dissolves quickly.

More impressive is that Aspirin features Acetylsalicylic acid as the active ingredient. For this reason, it is compatible with commercial and small-scale cancer-causing toxic material-free plant propagation projects.

The only downside/disadvantage of using Aspirin as the rooting hormone is that plants sprayed with aspirin water solution tend to develop brown spots when not used correctly.

  • Not easy to use
  • Quality anti-fungal
  • It prevents rooting of cuttings
  • Petsafe rooting hormone
  • Readily available
  • Highly concentrated
  • Budget option
  • Improves seeds germination in water
  • Plants develop brown foliage
  • Not an organic rooting option

2. Homemade Cinnamon Root Stimulator As Rooting Hormone Alternative

Taking our second spot on root stimulator hormone alternatives, find  Cinnamon as our top pick of the best  Homemade Rooting Hormone substitute, which is easy to use and 100% pet safe.

Good things first, cinnamon does not contain any active ingredients that act as a rooting hormone. However, cinnamon has a rich source of a broad spectrum of anti-fungal characteristics as it has and is the main ingredient.

Because of this reason, the main role of Homemade Cinnamon as a Rooting hormone powder substitute is to ensure that cutting is free from fungal disease threats, which might end up causing cutting rot just before rooting.

Moreover, since the cinnamon powder is organic, you can use it as a rooting hormone when propagation fruit, vegetables, flowers, and indoor and outdoor plants.

What is even more attractive about using cinnamon powered as a rooting hormone alternative is a gamer changer. It is compatible with water propagation and air layering of many plant varieties.

  • 100% organic rooting hormone substitute
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to prepare
  • Environmental friendly
  • Budget alternative
  • Outstanding anti-fungal properties
  • Getting organically grown cinnamon is a huge issue
  • Not rooting hormone

3.Saliva As A Natural Gel Rooting Hormone Alternative

Third,  find natural human saliva, a gel rooting hormone alternative, on our list. Chemically saliva contains one of the active ingredients.

This is why fields where cattle graze fields. The only downside of using saliva as a root growth stimulator alternative is that it might not be 100% effective in propagating poisonous or toxic plant varieties.

Because of the mutualism between plants and animals, human saliva contains enzymes such as amylase, also commonly known as ptyalin, which plays a considerable role in enhancing rooting development.

Rumours believe that the enzyme in human saliva ensures that your cutting will develop disease and a pest-resistant deep root system.

Moreover, all 4 components of saliva play a considerable role in plant growth, from root to disease and past protection due to good anti-fungal properties.

However, one of the downsides of using saliva as a rooting hormone is that it causes stems to rot and also causes leaves to fall off from cutting. Due to this reason, consider going to saliva as the last option of your rooting hormone substitute when rooting or cloning plants.

  • Readily available
  • Cheap rooting hormones substitute
  • It does not require prior experience
  • Beginner option
  • Not 100% compatible with toxic plants
  • It might cause health risks when dealing with poisonous plants

4.Honey As Propagation Gel Rooting Hormone Alternative/Option

Taking our second last spot, find Honey as the best natural rooting hormone substitute available today. Honey’s antiseptic and anti-fungal characteristics keep rooting cuttings free from bacterial attack.

Good thing’s first, Honey is slightly acidic, unlike other rooting alternatives on this list. Because of this reason, using Honey as a footing alternative kills bacteria and other microorganisms that might have the intention of causing cutting rot when rooting.

Another advantage of using Honey as a rooting hormone alternative is 100% dense. As a result, it can attach itself to the cutting.

In addition, I am using Honey as a rooting hormone to improve the disease and pest resistance ability to root hormones due to the high percentage of antiseptic and anti-fungal honey traits.

Honey’s only downside of Honey as a rooting hormone alternative is that it is not only bulk but has no know rooting stimulator ingredient.

Despite Honey’s lack of rooting hormones, we still found it an outstanding substitute for its huge antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits. Due to this reason, Honey as a rooting hormone substitute professionally protects cutting from being propagated from possible fungal or bacterial infections.

  • Natural anti-fungal properties
  • Readily available
  • Eco-friendly
  • Petsafe substitute
  • Beginner and expert rooting hormone alternative
  • Not a rooting hormone

5.Aloe Vera As A Natural Gel Rooting Hormone Substitute Option

Following that up, find  Aloe Vera as the best natural substitute for synthetic gel rooting hormones. For decades, Aloe Vera has offered a wide spectrum of benefits to the entire global medicine fraternity.

It comes with a succulent stem that stores enough gel to act as a commercial substitute for rooting hormone.

The sad truth is Aloe Vera does not have any rooting hormones, but the vital thing is that it has professional-grade antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Due to this reason, Aloe Vera creates a micro-environment around cuttings when rooting, thus keeping it free from possible disease and pest attack

Another advantage of using Aloe Vera as a rooting hormone alternative is it is 100% free and accessible. Due to this reason, Aloe Vera is our favourite budget substitute for what to use if you don’t have access to a rooting hormone.

The non-toxic characteristic of Aloe Vera allows sitting to be compatible with the gardener’s bare hands. Recently, Aloe Vera has e also been found to be of huge benefit in the gardening niche as it enhances the production of new roots from cuttings.

  • Organic
  • Budget rooting option
  • Improve disease-resistant ability
  • No prior experience is needed
  • Antibacterial characteristic
  • Durable
  • It prevents rooting of cuttings
  • Not as accurate as synthetic rooting hormones
  • Not highly concentrated

6.Willow Extract As A Rooting Hormone/Stimulator/ Accelerator Substitute

It is also good to mention that we found  Willow Extract AS A Rooting Hormone Alternative that works with the same mechanism as  Banana; therefore, consider adding Willow Extract as a viable rooting hormone substitute for your next plant cloning project or research.

Willow Extract comes from mature willow trees bulk rich in a wide range of  plant growth hormones that are natural and

Willow Extract is rich in natural plant ingredients such as auxins and anti-fungal components. Due to this reason,  Willow Extract is a fantastic modern-day rooting hormone substitute.

On the other hand, Willow Extract As A Rooting Hormone alternative has no advanced side effects on the environment, pets, and kids, just as when using bananas.

  • Natural rooting hormone option
  • Compatible with trees
  • Do not pollute the environment
  • Easy to work with
  • Readily available
  • Pet friendly
  • Improves cutting immunity
  • None

7.Banana and As A Rooting Hormone/Stimulator/ Accelerator Substitute

Wondering if you can use banana as a rooting hormone? The answer is yes, you can, as Bananas are  100% quality mediums to propagate plants successfully.

Even more interesting is that using bananas as a rooting alternative can help you propagate even fruit trees.

The most interesting part is that the entire process is 100% organic hence compatible with edible plants and vegetables to a wide range of ornamental trees and shrubs.

Rooting a plant suing a banana is very easy as you only require inserting the cutting into the banana fruit, and you are good to go.

  • Organic rooting hormone alternative
  • Easily available
  • Improve overall  cutting health
  • Enhances deep root development
  • Has outstanding anti-fungal properties
  • Lowers cutting rotting risk
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not as effective as actual hormones

8.Apple Cider Vinegar As Liquid Rooting Hormone/Stimulator Agent

Moving on, find  Apple Cider Vinegar  on our fourth spot as a reliable  liquid Rooting Hormone substitute that is organic and 100% natural.

One of the major benefits of vinegar as a rooting hormone is that it sanitizes the environment around the cutting. In addition, the acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar( ACV) discourage the growth of harmful microorganism or diseases around the cutting rooting edge.

Interestingly, Apple Cider Vinegar( ACV) as a liquid rooting hormone alternative is equally effective as it is compatible with water, seeds, and cuttings  plant propagation technique

Because of this reason, Apple Cider Vinegar, As a liquid, a Rooting Hormone substitute, prevents cuttings from rotting through the entire root formation and development cycle when propagating plants.

To increase your root formation process, consider using white vinegar rooting hormone as it has a high concentration of  Indole acetic acid (IAA), a major plant root growth stimulator.

  • 100% natural
  • It does not require prior mixing
  • Easy to use
  • Improves overall  plant health
  • Relatively pricy

Editors Take

Homemade rooting hormones cinnamon and  Aspirin were the best substitutes on the market as they are both natural, reliable, and high performing.

However, if you have no access to another technology-based rooting, you can consider using saliva as the best rooting alternative since it is free and readily available. Saliva contains four active components that directly and indirectly affect the root development cycle in one-way pr another.

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